Government Order


Designate and notify Nodal Officer to handle Unlawful content/information/activities in Cyber Space, as per the provisions of the act/law administered by the appropriate government. 07-JK (HP) of 2024 22-03-2024
Transgender persons (Protection Rights) Act 2019-Appointment of Complaint Officer thereof. 06-JK (HP) of 2024 13-03-2024
Constitution of Committee for solarization of Government Buildings owned by Hospitality & Protocol Department. 05-JK (HP) of 2024 28-02-2024
Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) under Right to Information Act, 2005 in the Hospitality and Protocol Department. 04-JK (HP) of 2024 26-02-2024
Deputation of Sh. Tariq Hussain Ganai, JKAS, Director, Hospitality & Protocol Department, J&K to New Delhi. 03-JK (HP) of 2024 07-02-2024
Verification of Character & Antecedents of Shri Naseer Ahmad Dar 01-02-2024
Creation, abolition and re-designation of the subordinate service posts of the office of Principal Resident Commissioner, New Delhi 02-JK (HP) of 2024 23-01-2024
Nomination of Officers/ Officials as Checker, Maker and Approver for uploading data on the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan (PMGS-NMP) Portal in respect of the Hospitality & protocol Department 01-JK (HP) of 2024 01-01-2024
The Jammu and Kashmir, Hospitality and Protocol Rules and Procedures, 2023 09-JK (HP) of 2023 22-12-2023
Purchase of land measuring 3179.58 sq mtrs on perpetual lease hold basis for the construction of J&K Guest House at Dwarka, Phase-I Plot No-03, Sector-19, New Delhi 08-H&P of 2023 07-12-2023
Accord of Administrative Approval 07-H&P of 2023 24-11-2023
Celebration of Foundation Day of various States/UT at SKICC Srinagar- appointment of Enquiry Officer for lackadaisical approach at the event 06-JK(H&P) of 2023 03-11-2023
Designation of First Appellate Authority (FAA) under RTI Act, 2005 05-JK(HP) of 2023 02-08-2023
Constitution of Departmental Promotion Committees in the H&P Department 04-JK(HP) of 2023 04-07-2023
Delegation of Drawing and Disbursing powers in favour of Mr. Masood Ahmed Mattoo, Accounts Officer 03-JK(HP) of 2023 27-06-2023
Revision of the Jammu and Kashmir Trade Commission -cum- Agencies (Subordinate) Service Recruitment Rules 1971- inviting objection thereof CIRCULAR :03-HP(JK) of 2023 07-06-2023
Revision of the Jammu and Kashmir Hospitality & Protocol (Subordinate) Service Recruitment Rules- inviting objection thereof CIRCULAR :02-HP(JK) of 2023 06-06-2023
Revision of J&K, H&P and Agencies (Gazetted) Service Recruit Rules-inviting objections thereof CIRCULAR :01-HP(JK) of 2023 15-02-2023
Deputaion of Sh Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Table Boy , H&P Deptt. to Central Administrative Tribunal 02-JK(HP) of 2023 24-01-2023
Deputation of Officers to Delhi 01-JK(HP) of 2023 14-01-2023
Appointment of Multitasking Staff (orderlies) in H&P Dept GO-19 19-JK(HP) of 2022 01-11-2022
Appointment of Multitasking Staff (orderlies) in H&P Dept GO-18 18-JK(HP) of 2022 01-11-2022
Appointment of Multitasking Staff (orderlies) in H&P Dept GO-17 17-JK(HP) of 2022 29-10-2022
Appointment of Multitasking Staff (orderlies) in H&P Dept GO-16 16-JK(HP) of 2022 29-10-2022
Sanction of Non-refundable GPF in favour of Sh Tariq Hussain Ganai Dir. H&P 15-JK(HP) of 2022 17-10-2022
Consideration order in terms of Hon'ble CAT Bench Jmu's order, dated 24-12-2021, passed in TA No-61-5138-2021, titled Kavita Rani Vs J&K & Ors 14-JK(HP) of 2022 10-10-2022
Appointment of Welfare Officer under Jammu & Kashmir Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme, 2022 (GO No 13-JK(HP) of 2022 dated 22-09-2022 13-JK(HP) of 2022 22-09-2022
Purchase of 01 Vehicle for use in Directorate of H&P 12-JK(HP) of 2022 12-09-2022
Winding up of Toshkhana Org. and transfer of its Assets and Staff to Culture Deptt 11-JK(HP) of 2022 30-08-2022
Re-designation of posts of the J&K, Hospitality, Protocol and Agencies (Gazetted) Service 10-JK(HP) of 2022 22-08-2022
Extension in Contractual engagement of Sh. Sohan Singh 09-JK(HP) of 2022 22-08-2022
Engagement of Shri Prem Nath Mehra 08-JK(HP) of 2022 02-08-2022
Revised Tentative Senoirity List 2022 03-HP(JK) of 2022/Circular 04-07-2022
Tentative Seniority of Assistant Directors Revised 02-JK(HP) of 2022/Circular 20-06-2022
Tentative Seniority of Assistant Directors 01-JK(HP) of 2022/Circular 04-04-2022
Government Order No-06-JK (HP) of 2022 06-JK(HP) of 2022 20-06-2022
Government Order No-05-JK (HP) of 2022 05-JK(HP) of 2022 13-06-2022
Government Order No-04-HP (JK) of 2022 04-JK(HP) of 2022 12-05-2022
Government Order No-03-HP (JK) of 2022 03-JK(HP) of 2022 01-04-2022
Government Order No-02-HP (JK) of 2022 02-JK(HP) of 2022 27-01-2022
Government Order No-01-JK (HP) of 2022 01-JK(HP) of 2022 26-01-2022
Government Order No-18-JK (HP) of 2021 18-JK(HP) of 2022 31-12-2021
Government Order No-17-JK (HP) of 2021 17-JK(HP) of 2021 15-12-2021
Government Order No-16-JK (HP) of 2021 16-JK(HP) of 2021 09-12-2021
Government Order No-15-JK (HP) of 2021 15-JK(HP) of 2021 05-10-2021
Government Order No-14-JK (HP) of 2021 14-JK(HP) of 2021 23-09-2021
Government Order No-13-JK (HP) of 2021 13-JK(HP) of 2021 22-09-2021
Government Order No-12-JK (HP) of 2021 12-JK(HP) of 2021 10-09-2021
Government Order No-11-HP (Estt) of 2021 11-JK(HP) of 2021 17-08-2021
Government Order No-10-JK (HP) of 2021 10-JK(HP) of 2021 26-07-2021
Tentative Seniority list of Senior Assistants NIL 01-07-2021
Government Order No-08-HP-Acctts of 2021 08-JK(HP) of 2021 30-06-2021
Government Order No-07-JK (HP) of 2021 07-JK(HP) of 2021 27-04-2021
Government Order No-06-JK (HP) of 2021 06-JK(HP) of 2021 06-04-2021
Government Order No-05-JK (HP) of 2021 05-JK(HP) of 2021 24-03-2021
Government Order No-04-JK (HP) of 2021 04-JK(HP) of 2021 22-03-2021
Government Order No-03-JK (HP) of 2021 03-JK(HP) of 2021 08-03-2021
Government Order No-02-JK (HP) of 2021 02-JK(HP) of 2021 22-01-2021
Government Order No-01-JK (HP) of 2021 01-JK(HP) of 2021 18-01-2021
Government Order No-01-JK (HP) of 2021 01-JK(HP) of 2020 23-01-2020
Fixation of revised tariffs of Government Guest-Circuit Houses outside the State 02-HP of 2019 11-02-2019
Final Seniority list of Jammu Division NIL 31-08-2013
Tentative Seniority list of DDK office NIL 31-08-2013
Tentative Seniority list of Head Assistant NIL 31-08-2013
Tentative Seniority list of Assistant House Keepers NIL 31-08-2013
Tentative Seniority list of Jr.Assistant NIL 31-08-2013
Tentative Seniority list of Orderly NIL 31-08-2013
Tentative Seniority list of Drivers NIL 31-08-2013
Tentative Seniority list of Jamadar NIL 31-08-2013
Nomination of DVos 105 -DGHP of 2013 30-08-2013
Nomination PIOs 104 -DGHP of 2013 30-08-2013
Divisional Level Purchase Committee, Jammu Divisions HP-28(Estt) of 2012 07-09-2012
State Level Purchase Committee HP-28(Estt) of 2012 07-09-2012
Divisional Level Purchase Committee, Kashmir Divisions HP-28(Estt) of 2012 07-09-2012