To provide Hospitality and Protocol services including Reception, Transport, Boarding and Lodging to all visiting VVIPs/VIPs and other dignitaries visiting J&K according to the prescribed SoPs and Hospitality Rules.

To provide and organise Hospitality and Protocol services during all UT Level ceremonies and functions including organization of Tea Parties/Dinners/Luncheons hosted by the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor and the Chief Minister of J&K in an efficient manner befitting the level of event.

To store the costly articles, gifts of the erstwhile Maharaja’s time and the gifts received by the constitutional heads of the J&K in their official capacity, maintaining proper inventory of all the items stored in the Toshkhana.


To provide Hospitality and Protocol Services in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir befitting the status of visiting dignitaries and events connected with such visits/functions.