Resident Commission

Trade Commission was established in 1947 and was subsequently renamed as Resident Commission. Three Sub-Offices were established at Amritsar, Chandigarh and Mumbai, Resident Commissioner heads The Commission.

Following are the activities of Resident Commission Office:-

    1. To maintain liaison with Government of India and other State Governments and to follow up proposals/cases submitted to the Government of India by the state Government.

    2. To represent the State in the meetings of the Government of India on behalf of various Departments of the State Government;

    3. To obtain information from various offices of Government of India as may be required by the State Government;

    4. To liaise with the Embassies and foreign Missions as and when necessary;

    5. To consolidate market intelligence for sale and export of traditional products of the State Government;

    6. To disburse salaries to the migrant employees and attend to other related issues pertaining to them;

    7. To manage Guesthouses, organize reception, transport, stay and hospitality of visiting dignitaries and State and also provide accommodation to the officers/officials, private persons belonging to the State.

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