The history of Hospitality and Protocol Department formerly known as Reception Department dates back to the rule of Maharaja Pratap Singh. The infrastructure of the department was, however, created by Maharaja Hari Singh in thirties.

Ever since the advent of popular rule in the state, the Department has been working under the patronage of Hon’ble Chief Minister. Commonly known as Tawaza Department in the post independence period, it came to be rechristened as Hospitality and Protocol Department in 1978-1979. The Department provides hospitality to VVIPs/VIPs and other state as well as paying guests who visit J&K from time to time.

The professionalism imbibed by the rank and file of the Department over the decades has made it a time tested and highly effective organization in meeting the challenging and sensitive obligations of hospitality and protocol.

* Functioning of Hospitality and Protocol Department
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